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How I Went From NEGATIVE Net Worth To MILLIONAIRE  While Still On Active Duty With Real Estate

My Story...

After 8 years in the military as a Marine Corps recruiter at the time, working 80-90 hour weeks I found myself at a negative net worth.

When discussing my situation I was handed a book (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) so I stubbornly listen to it and it completely changed my life. It started a chain reaction of self education.

I read the next book and the next book and within 4 months I had bought my first duplex

I lived in one half and rented the other out... So my rental expense got cut out in more than half.

When I moved out, it was paying me to own it. Then the light bulb went off! I went on to buy a 10 unit and several more properties, growing my portfolio.

If you are in the military and struggling and want to change like I did.

The War Room was designed for you

The WAR ROOM is an exclusive brotherhood and community of highly motivated, active duty or veteran service members that are focused on creating  generational wealth through REAL ESTATE.

Playing the real estate game solo is a HIGH-RISK strategy. You may get lucky but you can also get wiped out

Get the expertise and support you need to make the RIGHT decisions and build a massive portfolio

Does This Sound Like You?

Have you been wondering “Is this all there is to life?”... Calculating the days till retirement?

Are you looking for a way to provide for your family, beyond spending your life in the military?

Are you sick of your loved ones telling you that you never spend any time with them?

Do you feel, lost, confused or angry when it comes to creating a retirement plan for yourself?

We Want To Help You:

  • Learn exactly what you need to know to become a seven-figure real estate investor
  • ​Show you exactly how to build a real estate portfolio that can weather ANY market
  • Step by step guidance through every type of real estate deal
  • Identify the BEST deal for your unique situation
  • ​Get the support of expert mentors
  • ​Connect you with hundreds of your peers that been exactly where you were

Benefits of The War room

First and foremost. Get the education that's REQUIRED to be successful with real estate
Fast track your success by interacting and learning from all the other service members, their real estate mistakes and their successes
Constructive criticism, blunt feedback matched with positivity and motivation  to guide you through life’s challenges
You're not on this journey alone. The lives of military spouses can be difficult. Get the resources to ensure you and yours are well looked after 
Expertise at a Click
Don't know if you've gotten the deal of a lifetime or a dud? Our military real estate experts will give you the advice you need

Your network is your net worth. Save time and energy by getting access to vetted professionals, trusted by the community.


Success Stories:


If you a ready to provide your family with the life they deserve through real estate. The next step is to start an application for the War Room. We are very selective and want only those who are willing to do the work and contribute to our community.
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