How To Go From Broke To Millionaire While Still On Active Duty...

Are you looking to accomplish this? Here's what you need:

🔥 A community of committed real estate investors who are all headed in the same direction.

🏠 The education to know which types of deals to pursue and which to avoid.

💰 Mentors further along who will help you identify the exact goals you need to focus on pursuing... and then hold you accountable so you can dominate those goals.

Watch This & Learn What To Do

What If There Was A Peer Group Of Military Service Members & Veterans You Could Join That Would Give You Access To ALL This + Some Insane Bonuses?

But First... A Little About Your Chief Instructor - Dave Pere:


Meet... Me!

After 8 years in the military in the United States Marine Corps, I ended up as a recruiter working 80-90 hour weeks... Even though I was working harder than I had ever thought possible, I still found myself at a negative net worth.

When discussing my situation with a mentor, I was handed a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I stubbornly listened to it and it completely changed my life... It started a chain reaction of self education that hasn't stopped.

I read the next book and the next book and I started taking action. Within 4 months I had bought my first duplex.

I did a house hack where I lived in one half and rented the other out... So my rental expense got cut out down more than half.

When I moved out, it was paying me to own it. This is when the light bulb went off! I went on to buy a 10 unit and several more properties, growing my portfolio all the way to a 7-figure net worth by the time I was 31.

That's When I Knew I Had To Share This Information With Our Community...


This Is How The Podcast Was Born...

While I was on active duty, I started the Military Millionaire podcast. Around episode 40, I was joined by a good buddy (and fellow investor-vet) named Alex Felice.

Our goal was to document what we were learning and share the tactics that were working for us in the real world.

Together, we started interviewing veterans and service members who were further along than we were... When I started surrounding myself with people who were on the same path as me, everything changed.

Here's what's crazy: I've gotten to interview so many of my heroes... Including Mr. Robert Kiyosaki - the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad - and I got to thank them for all the help they gave me... It was wild to complete that cycle.


Since Then, Life Has Been Amazing

I've gotten to travel the world, become good friends with some of my favorite podcasters like Brandon Turner and Ryan Dossey, network with investors like Jon Lallande and Adam Whitney, speak on the same stage as Jocko Willink, and give back to the community at a high level by speaking at veteran-led events around the country.

I'm sharing all this because I want to emphasize something big... This is THE biggest lesson I've learned over the past few years I've been on this journey...

Your network is everything.


Have You Heard This Before?

"Your network is your net worth" ~ Someone smart

I don't know who said that first but I can confirm that sh*t is TRUE.

Since starting my podcast and growing my network, my net worth has increased from a negative balance to 1.5M+ in the last few years with sites set on crossing $2M soon...

The network I built was the key. When you can make a phone call and make a real estate deal (or any sort of deal) happen, it is easy to create financial freedom for yourself and your family.

Here's the challenge with this...

It can be hard to meet people if you don't have time to start a podcast and do it all yourself... If you are an active duty military member (or recently separated veteran), you're busy getting things done and trying to spend time with the family whenever you aren't working.

Here's What We Did To Solve This...

We Made It Possible For You To Join The Network 🔥🥳💰


Introducing: The

War Room Mastermind

Because we knew that the military community needs easier access to a supportive network, we decided to just give you access to the one we had already built.

Since we launched the War Room Mastermind in 2019, we've had 213 military service-members and veterans join the tribe and commit to becoming their best selves.

Inside the Mastermind, we give you the education you need to become a 7-figure real estate investor - and then we connect you with the people you need to make your first (or next) deal happen.

All the while, you get coached every week by me and the smartest people I can find in my network to hold you accountable and help you knock down any obstacles that come in your way.

This way, you can actually achieve your goals and make headway towards becoming financially free - even if you are still on active duty.

Instead of trying to do it all yourself, what if you could get easy access to all the people you need to achieve your goals? Would that help you out?

If you want to learn more about the War Room and apply to join, keep reading...

If you are NOT interested in becoming the best version of yourself and creating financial freedom for your family, you should probably go somewhere else on the internet... You won't be interested in what I'm about to tell you

The WAR ROOM is an exclusive community of highly motivated, active duty or veteran service members that are focused on creating  generational wealth through REAL ESTATE.

Here Are Our Rules:

✅ Rank is out the window - We do not discuss this...I am Dave, he is Marty, you are [name].

✅ Nobody is off-limits - If I say something that you know is wrong, correct me.

✅ This isn’t a pissing competition - There is always somebody bigger, use that experience to help bring the others up to your level.

✅ Logic always trumps emotion - There will be difficult conversations had, and uncomfortable confrontations. Look beyond your emotional reaction to see their point of view, you don’t have to agree with everything, but be open-minded.

Be open to suggestions - Get out of your comfort zone!

✅ Don’t let your temper flair - We are all service members/veterans, we are all alpha males/females...we are all trying to help one another, take it with a grain of salt, and don’t lash out at others.

✅ Always provide constructive criticism - This isn’t drill-instructor/military feedback. If you don’t have a constructive point, don’t say it. “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”

✅ Hold others accountable/be accountable - Without accountability, you will not grow as rapidly as you could.

✅ Be a good person.

❌ Don’t sabotage anybody within the mastermind, this will be grounds for dismissal ❌.

"That's cool bro... But can't I just learn all this sh!t on YouTube and meet people on my own?!?" 🤣

Playing the real estate game solo is a HIGH-RISK strategy. You may get lucky but you can also get wiped out... 😰

What if you had the expertise and support you need to make the RIGHT decisions and build a massive portfolio ON THE FIRST TRY? 🤑

Doesn't that sound better than F**king it up and losing tons of time & money... Only to THEN figure out that you need help from a mentor and peers who are trying to do the same thing as you? 💡

You will shave years of your life off your timeline and save tons of money if you join a community of mentors & peers who you can just ASK if you have a question.🙋

Does This Sound Like You?

Have you been wondering “Is this all there is to life?”... Calculating the days till retirement?

Are you looking for a way to provide for your family, beyond spending your life in the military?

Are you sick of your loved ones telling you that you never spend any time with them?

Do you feel, lost, confused or angry when it comes to creating a retirement (or ETS) plan for yourself?

Here's The Good News: You Are Not Alone!

We Want To Help You...

Inside The War Room Mastermind, You Will:

  • Learn exactly what you need to know to become a seven-figure real estate investor

  • ​Find out exactly how to build a real estate portfolio that can weather ANY market

  • ​Receive Step by step guidance through every type of real estate deal

  • Know how to Identify the BEST deal for your unique situation

  • ​Get support from expert mentors

  • ​Get connected with hundreds of your peers that have been exactly where you were and are still in the trenches beside you

"Sounds like a scam bro... I mean, do War Room members actually end up making more money when they join?! What's the catch here?!?" 🤔

Great Question!

We Also Were Curious About How The War Room Members Were Doing... So We Sent Out A Poll!

This survey was given just about two years into the masterminds' existence!

Of the 53 members who took the survey:

Net Worth since joining: 20.8% had their net worth increase to over $1M since joining! 😎

Of the 20 members who joined with a net worth under $250k, 12 of them were already well above that bracket!

Total deals since joining: 11.4% of the group had achieved 5-10 deals since joining!

5.6% had increased to 10-25 deals!

3.8% had increased to over 25 deals since joining! 🏦

Keep in mind, this is less than a third of the members... Speaking for myself, my net worth has more than quadrupled since the War Room launched and I was able to network with the new members to put together creative deals that are a win/win for everyone.

Note: Joining the War Room and growing your network is NOT a "get rich quick" scheme. It is a get rich slow scheme. You are not guaranteed any results anywhere in life and you will get out what you put into the Mastermind... If you never login to the platform (for example), it is hard for us to help you out...

Here Is Everything You Get When You Join...

Weekly Calls With Your Squad -
($1,000/month value)


We will assign you to a squad of peers and mentors in your time zone. You will have a scheduled accountability call with your squad each and every week to network with each other, share tactics, and hold each other accountable so you can achieve your goals.

Some squads have even turned their weekly meeting into a podcast! Check out the Green Squad podcast chats on Apple podcasts or Spotify if you want to get some insight into how the squad calls go.

Weekly Office Hours Call With Me - ($1,000/month value)


Every Thursday morning, we have an "office hours" call where you get to chill with me (online... but you can visit the office in person if you wanna drive all the way to Springfield, MO, lol) where we brainstorm our way through obstacles that you are facing. This way, you can stay on track to achieve your personal and financial goals.

Weekly Mentorship From My Mentors And I - $2,000/month value ... Actually you'd pay way more than that for access to some of these people


Every weekend, there is a group coaching call with myself or someone in my network (like Brandon Turner's performance coach Jason Drees... Or Brandon himself!) about how to build your real estate portfolio, develop a winning mindset, and increase your net worth.

We dive deep into the tactics and education you need to thrive as a 7-figure real estate investor... That way you and your squad know what moves to make next.

Don't know how to set goals? We will teach you how in these weekly sessions and help you understand what opportunities to pursue... And a lot more

Invites To Live Meetups -
($2,500/month value... There are some masterminds I found that actually charge you this much JUST to get invites to their live events...)


We meetup multiple times throughout the year but only War Room members get invited... This is our way of ensuring we are only attracting committed investors into our network.

We typically have one (more soon) large weekend events and multiple smaller events throughout the year. Additional costs apply depending on the event details - smaller dinner events are typically no extra cost.

If we have to charge extra for a meetup, we only charge enough that we don't go in the red. We don't make a profit on the meetups

Access To Our Online Forum On The Circle Platform -
($300/month value)


When you join, you will receive a link to join our online forum on the Circle platform.

You must login here to access your War Room course material and call information.

Inside Circle, you can post detailed questions and search a massive database of questions that have already been answered - you also get detailed information about everything it will take for you to become a 7-figure investor through the War Room Course modules.

Access To Our Private Members-Only Facebook Group - ($600/month value)


You will receive an invite to our private members-only Facebook group where you can participate in the conversations with all the other members and get to know everyone.

In here, you can network with everyone and hangout, share some wins, or get support if you need a question answered.

The Facebook group is a great spot to ask a question and get an answer right away.

Access To ALL Our Previous Weekly Masterclasses - ($1,500 value)


Are you thinking to yourself "Wow this has existed for years and I'm just NOW finding out about this?? I missed out on a lot..."

Well, you are in luck: we remembered to record everything.

Every masterclass we've done about real estate investing, entrepreneurship, personal development, performance, health, work/life balance, and a whole lot more... You get it all.

You get access to ALL the masterclass recordings we have been producing every weekend since we launched in 2019.

"Bro, that's all that's included in the War Room?!?.... I thought you said there were cool bonuses... IDK brah I got Burger King to buy 🍔..."

You're Right... We Did Mention Earlier There Would Be Some Stellar Bonuses:

When You Join The War Room, You Also Get Access To These Bonuses:

Learn the basics of real estate investing with access to the Zero-To-One Real Estate Investing Course ($147 value)

Easily see all your finances in one spot with the Net Worth Tracker ($25 value)

Build a system for finding & financing deals with the Finding Off-Market Deals Course ($147 value)

Learn how to thrive before and after the military when you read my book the NO B.S. Guide to Military Living (24.95 value)

Plan your entire year and track your goals with the Military Millionaire daily planner (24.95 value)

Stay cozy when you wear your War Room T-Shirt (Priceless)

You Also Get Discounts And Free Consultations With Our Preferred Real Estate Platforms And Companies Worth Over $2,397!

Ready To Rock & Roll?

"Bro... How do I know you didn't just make up all of this sh!t?!? 🕵 ... How can I be sure that War Room members actually have a better life because they joined??"

Well... You Can Hear It From Them Yourself...


Stacy Stegenga

Jeremy Hans

Tyler Goble

Adit shah

Check Out The Highlights From One Of Our Last Events...


If you a ready to provide your family with the life they deserve through real estate. The next step is to start an application for the War Room. We are very selective and want only those who are willing to do the work and contribute to our community.

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Payment & Onboarding

"Lol that's all cool bro... So the War Room is just about making money?! 🤔 What if I'm not trying to make money like that?!? Money ain't everything bro..."

You're Right... Money Isn't Everything...

Check Out What Alex Felice Had To Say About This

"LOL you got me there bro... Alright I'm in... Take my Burger King money!" 😎

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